BIS research show 9 out of 10 central banks working on CBDC!
Today’s reads: 1. Stockholm Syndrome and Credit Cards are our Captors 2. McCarthyism returns with Musk’s guilt by association 3. ” Pay…
Is Big Tech innovating?
This week: 1. Stop the hysteria: China’s CBDC does not have surveillance “superpowers.” 2. China Innovation is controversial and goes viral 3. "Nein…
Ironically the digital yuan provides greater anonymity than the credit cards you use now in the West.
Five big topics this week! 1. The two most important BIS CBDC reports EVER: Read on for the definitive reports on CBDC use in emerging markets and…
e-CNY provides a roadmap, Top 10 CBDCs, Stablecoin Trust Act, and Sanctions
For the digital dollar the answer you get, depends on the questions you ask
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Cashless: Central Bank Digital Currency and China in Perspective