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Thanks for visiting! I’m proud to be the world’s No. 4 fintech influencer on the prestigious Onalytica rankings! I got here “one click at a time” because people like you enjoyed my writing and unique point of view.

I am the author of two No. 1 international bestsellers, "Cashless: China's Digital Currency Revolution." and “Innovation Lab Excellence.” So writing is more than a passing hobby for me!

“I write and speak about what I know.”

I became an expert the hard way, with no shortcuts! I spent 18 years as an investment banker, five years at IBM, and lived in Shanghai for over a decade. I was a banking innovator using math and computers for most of my career and was inspired to write my latest book, “Cashless,” after experiencing China going “cashless” firsthand. Superapps and central bank digital currency payment aren’t theoretical for me; I live them daily! So as I like to say, “I write and speak about what I know.”

Why do people follow me?

My opinions are sought after because they are practical, gritty, and real-world, just as they are here in this substack newsletter. I no longer work for big companies, and my take on fintech is often irreverent and provocative. I also live in China, which gives me a special window into our cashless future and onto the bigger geopolitical picture.

My views on China’s digital yuan and tech scene are widely quoted in major media, such as CNBC, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The South China Morning Post, The Business Standard, and CGTN. My latest media appearances can be viewed on my website See a few examples below.

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What they say

“Richard Turrin has had the unique experience of watching China’s fintech, payments and digital currency revolution from ground zero.”

—Brett King, Bestselling Author of The Rise of Technosocialism, Bank 4.0, CEO of Moven

“Rich’s social media posts and analysis on China’s AI, fintech, and digital currency trends provide me always with great business insights.”

—Spiros Margaris/Margaris Ventures, Ranked Global No. 1 Finance Influencer by Refinitiv & Ranked Global No. 1 Fintech, AI, Blockchain Influencer by Onalytica

“Your survey of the global CBC/fintech scene is a best-in-class resource for anyone interested in this dynamic field.”

—Name withheld by request, Award-winning journalist currently a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering financial services.


CNBC Squawk Box: Richard Turrin, fintech consultant and author, says "the last thing that China wants to do with its … new baby of a currency is to get it put into the mud while in the sanction-busting game."

CGTN - The Agenda with Stephen Cole: A Cashless China? Richard Turrin, Expert on China's Digital Currency

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I don’t give a damn about making money here. I’m an author, I make my living selling books and getting paid for consulting, advisory, keynotes, or corporate gigs surrounding my books.

The only way I can get these gigs is if people know about me and my work.

Everything that I do here on substack is designed to be shared. I am a proud member of the “attention economy.” More valuable to me than $9.99 a month in subscription revenue is building a following!

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Rich is the international best-selling author of “Cashless,” and "Innovation Lab Excellence." He is the No 4 global Fintech Influencer, and a leading media commentator on e-CNY, CBDC, fintech and China.