"... the use of AI in sentencing, parole and probation, pretrial release and detention, risk assessments, surveillance, crime forecasting and predictive policing, and forensic analysis."


RoboCop is in da House!

Today he will deliver his Minority Report.

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Yes he is and these are real AI uses that must be addressed.

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"Why the US deems government AI-produced communication merit a watermark while all others do not is beyond me."

I take this as a rhetoric question.

"AI-produced communication" is nothing else than potentized propaganda. Propaganda works much better when it is individually tailored to the recipient. It sinks in deeper and less noticed. To watermark it would give the victims of the propaganda the possibility to evade it. Naturally the "administration" of this second most malevolent nation dislikes to become the victim of its own or others propaganda.

Hail George Orwell who has shown us the darkness before the lights went off!

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Oct 31, 2023·edited Oct 31, 2023

Your main picture is again great artwork ;-)

It shows the hierarchy of intelligence:

To the left, we have the dement octogenarian wo supposedly runs the mightiest nation on earth.

In the middle we got the human interface, the Éminence grise who lays down the papers to be signed.

And to the right we got a computer screen representing the only real intelligence in the room, ;-)

the future ruler of the world, the bodiless soul without a soul which nobody can really see.

As well, it shows to other progressions from left to right:

From old to new and from low to high. A masterly picture composition!

This picture will go down into human history after its end.

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Manorainjan, I do not support politicized comments on my work. Comments like this simply fuel divisiveness and do nothing to forward the discussion on AI and regulation.

For the record, I deleted your other comment as I found it unnecessarily offensive. I appreciate your more focused comments on my work over the years and acknowledge that they are often quite good.

Offensive comments on social media scare others away and poison the waters for building a community.

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