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GenAI ist a nightmare for the customers (of banks) in the first place.

Until now I had mostly relatively positive experiences with my banks customer support. I could expect competence and some kind of answer. But it is obvious to me, that GenAI will be used instead of human customer support, not only for lowering the cost but also for keeping customers at distance and prevent customers needs to be heard by anyone. With Amazon it is already very difficult to get a reasonable response from the support, even being in an elevated program like "Vine product tester". It becomes obvious, that algorithms not only (often wrongly and against well known internal rules) select products for testing but also censor reviews (wrongly). Next thing will be to handle the complaints about wrongly censored reviews. You will end up in endless fruitless loops, starting from the "press 1 if..." on telephone to chat "I could not understand You f+++king I+++t of a machine." The patience of the GenAI wile sucking up the live vital from the customer will be total.

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