About the technical aspect of future development of AI in the USA, this video was fascinating:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KJibx077bE ( Anastasi In Tech with CEO Andrew Feldman)

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FYI: AI was also part of the G20 declaration:

https://www.g20.org/content/dam/gtwenty/gtwenty_new/document/G20-New-Delhi-Leaders-Declaration.pdf Page 24 nominal (27 real)

Among others it says: "[We] Will pursue a pro-innovation regulatory/governance approach that maximizes the benefits [of the shareholders] and takes into account the risks associated with the use of AI."

That translates to: "Let the developers have a reckless competition first. Then we will see if we need to or even can 'regulate' something later, after the damage is done."

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The ones who created the bias by decades of ever evolving propaganda, are those big players who answer to none. The ones who control the development of Generative AI are ... the big players.

Will bias be removed? No, it will be refined. It will be more difficult to be detected.

Generative AI can adapt to the individual user in order to sneak in his brain less detected. The main trick is, not to trigger resistance. "Nudging" can then also be precisely targeted to specific regions, sectors and timeframes. Mind control will be no longer a Sci-Fi topic. Together with IoT, it will be an immersive experience.

------- War is Peace -------

---- Freedom is Slavery ---

-- Ignorance is Strength --

Eric Arthur Blair was a genius indeed.

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