About the technical aspect of future development of AI in the USA, this video was fascinating:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KJibx077bE ( Anastasi In Tech with CEO Andrew Feldman)

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FYI: AI was also part of the G20 declaration:

https://www.g20.org/content/dam/gtwenty/gtwenty_new/document/G20-New-Delhi-Leaders-Declaration.pdf Page 24 nominal (27 real)

Among others it says: "[We] Will pursue a pro-innovation regulatory/governance approach that maximizes the benefits [of the shareholders] and takes into account the risks associated with the use of AI."

That translates to: "Let the developers have a reckless competition first. Then we will see if we need to or even can 'regulate' something later, after the damage is done."

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The ones who created the bias by decades of ever evolving propaganda, are those big players who answer to none. The ones who control the development of Generative AI are ... the big players.

Will bias be removed? No, it will be refined. It will be more difficult to be detected.

Generative AI can adapt to the individual user in order to sneak in his brain less detected. The main trick is, not to trigger resistance. "Nudging" can then also be precisely targeted to specific regions, sectors and timeframes. Mind control will be no longer a Sci-Fi topic. Together with IoT, it will be an immersive experience.

------- War is Peace -------

---- Freedom is Slavery ---

-- Ignorance is Strength --

Eric Arthur Blair was a genius indeed.

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A bit harsh Manorainjan, but likely true in that our data streams preserve existing bias that will be very hard to eradicate. I agree it will likely be "refined." Now if with this refinement we can "nudge" ourselves closer to something less biased that's a good thing.

I confess that I don't share your level of cynicism or fear of AI though I do acknowledge that it could be used to influence. Humans are however rather resilient creatures. We've been hearing how Twitter and social media will turn us all into mind-controlled zombies and that hasn't happened yet. I think that the same will happen with AI!

As to the G20 I agree letting AI develop without regulations is a major error and invites reckless use of the tech.

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You suggest, that "we can "nudge" ourselves". No, we can not. We do not nudge. We are being nudged. We are always on the receiving end of being nudged. We do not control who nudges us and where to. Even if some rare individuals might excape the influence of being nudged, it makes no difference at all for the whole of society. None!

Look at this picture! What are we getting offered here? https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=930799187067102&set=a.930798333733854

Take Your time and judge for Yourself, if this is sane, crazy or "mind-controlled zombie". And remember the "fashion" of bluejeans with pre-destructed knees! They pay extra for holes in the legs, for unusable straight from the factory! And they wear it proudly.

We are full speed degenerating. And AI will certainly not slow that down.

Of course, this is only valid for the "free" "West".

Those under "authoritarian" governments like Russia and China are actually laughing about us, rightly so.

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Zombies are the product of fantasy authors and not real. Therefore, a clear definition of what it is, will never exist. Everyone can have his or her quite different opinion about it.

What the German government did to the energy structure of Germany does meet my definition of mindless zombie. The appearance of Biden does not leave anything to be desired. And considering the decades of anti-Russia and anti-China propaganda in the west, what else comes to mind as a description of the condition of the common folks other than mindless? The majority of the people in the west tolerate to be ruled by vampires, to use another fictional undefined term. Here is the account of an old man, who has seen it all over decades and tied his best to correct and stop it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX1z_6pvM-Q

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