"about algorithms deciding who gets organ transplants in the UK"

This is about the same as the "algorithms" called "models" are predicting the "climate change" on the base of CO2 in the atmosphere. Even though every person familiar with informatics knows: "Garbage in, garbage out", those models are effectively fooling elected decision makers to do the biding of those who were setting the guidelines for such models. The main characteristic of such models is, to be too complex in order to be understood by others. So they can hide the intention. It is not the model or algorithm who makes decisions. Those who design the algorithms are the one who are making the decisions. The algorithm is there in order to hide the fact who actually takes decisions and in order to cement that procedure and to automatize and multiply it. We do not need to fear "robots". We need to fear the power mongers who decide what kind of "robot" is being produced.

Guns don't kill people. Bad humans kill people with their guns.

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Your quotes below only show that we have changes gradually then suddenly Bankruptcy or Autonomy transferred to systems ( Bureaucracy, Governments) and the agents ( machines, Algorithms as new age procedures, manuals, guidelines).

First, the announcement that China will mass-produce humanoid robots within 2 years. (here)

Second, a shocker about algorithms deciding who gets organ transplants in the UK. If that isn’t scary enough, the algorithm was flawed and government agencies wouldn’t address the issue. (here)

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