Rich (or is it now Rick? ­čśü),

Thank you for a wonderfully rich write-up and especially informative interview. Your extensive take on de-dollarization, the size of the BRICS economies and populations vs those of G7, the futility of microchip bans and their hurting of US and Taiwan economies, and especially on the fair use of AI laws in China and soon in EU vs no such laws on the horizon for the USA were eye-opening. It's pretty scary to see how China is slowly leaving the USA in the dust while our politicians on both sides of the isles continue to focus on identity politics and calling each other names ...

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Since our world is in a state of multipolarity, those scenarios will have to be divided between the poles as well. For the Wild Wild West I agree with You about the likeliness of late low and inefficient regulations and a rather mixed and unpleasant way of the implementation of AI.

But in the "East", especially Russia and China, regulation and development of AI are already on a good way. This is another aspect of the rise of the east and the decline of the west.

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