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You mentioned that you see the inevitability of a national digital currency. One of my biggest concerns is how the currency will be utilized in the trading of stocks. I am not referring to crypto stocks but rather our trading being conducted with digital currency.

The government could very well (and most likely will ) put a micro second delay on the transaction and control the market. Another that could be as dangerous, if not more dangerous, is their ability to determine trading patterns. The one assumption I am making (and it’s valid) is that the government will never lose control/contact of digital currencies... meaning they will have complete and total control over digital assets.

It would be foolish if the government had the ability to do this and not do it... control that is.

If we do a 100% conversion we will lose our privacy right along with it. Our Constitution protects from unwarranted surveillance; how can the laws be manipulated to accommodate the need for 100% touching the currency?

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