A small startup in uganda www.clic.world has been building cross boarder and CBDC like solutions for years to deaf ears we are finally going live this quarter with one bank in Kenya and Uganda. All this excitement is old news but just confirms that the global investment ecosystem is missing out. The problems we are fixing in Africa are leapfrog problems just like digital payments we call Mobile money is only now coming to the west. Our hold back is colonial inherited legislation and international containment rules masked as AML.

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On "How to manage Generative AI"

Only few will be lucky. And those lucky ones will be bought out very soon. Their good will be turned into bad and applied on a broader scale. The outlook is rather grave.

Until now, not even the comparatively simple problems with SPAM emails and propaganda BOTs on social media is solved. The Twitter-Files have shown us a glimpse of the evil use that actually happened and that did have global impact. But the bot-account problem is not even solved with twitter/X. And that is technologically rather simple. But none, not even Musk can solve it, being the owner of that X-monster. And people like Zuckerberg do not have the least intention to solve it, they rather produce more of it. I have seen too much of the Dilbert-style nonsense in the real world in order to believe in a good outcome. This system will simply destroy itself, and AI will be very helpful in this. Generative AI is trained with the sick stuff out there on the net. So, what do we expect? As it was said in the beginning of the computer age: Garbage in, garbage out.

We know that Bitcoin wastes the energy, which is the equivalent of the consumption of Denmark. Therefore, it should be shut down immediately. But do we control it in any way? No!

Anyway, nice move of Gartner to mention the energy problem. But, does anybody care? No!

If the power mongers would care about energy or environment at all, there would be no such thing as depleted uranium ammunition or wars like in Ukraine where they do their very best in order to heat up the planet with the enormous energy discharge of all those explosives. They do not even try to count it! Under such an evil rule, AI can not possibly do any good. People are not sane enough in general. Last Generation terrorists want to do good but create only misery, because they are severely sick in their minds. Generative AI can only amplify that which is there. It can not bootstrap us out of our own shit. As well, one could hope for aliens to supply us mystical technologies


or even better, pray to God directly.

But: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1g8WCA7mJk

Unfortunately, the world has missed its opportunity to listen to Peter Sloterdijk in 1997


And he was already 20 years late with this warning!

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