Sitemap - 2022 - Cashless: Central Bank Digital Currency and China in Perspective

DeFi in the spotlight: institutional use is now not tomorrow, and why it won't be crypto's savior. The war on cards heats up! 3 things to help your treasury get ready for CBDC and Stablecoins!

China's Covid reopening is both a great relief and a leap into the unknown.

Banking isn't sexy; its future is sustainability, CBDCs the future of payment, Cash won't die, Open banking is a glass half empty, and the Petroyuan is coming!

SPECIAL EDITION: Remittances and inclusion in Africa and SE Asia, why overhyped fintech hasn't solved the problem, and Indonesia's new CBDC!

Sex, drugs and fraud at FTX, Instant payments are HOT, Put all finance on-chain with RLN, Top 10 CBDC lies, My e-CNY TV interview!

Sex, Drugs, Celebrities and Fraud Cover up Broader Systemic Failure in FTX's Collapse.

Asia's explosive metaverse, Embedded finance a win-win for banks, Riding the Bitcoin wave to a wipeout, A wholesale digital dollar CBDC to counter China's digital yuan!

Three big CBDC stories! Is crypto rockstar David Chaum's eCash 2.0 the future of CBDC? Digital euro progress, and shocker the Fed gushes support for wCBDC! Digital banks takeoff in Southeast Asia!

Project Cedar a potential breakthrough for a US wholesale CBDC or "innovation theater?" We can't say!

The US-China-Ru divide, programmable money and survival bunkers, The US falls behind in digital banking, and SE Asia is going digital

The week CBDCs went nuclear: cross border transfers, privacy by design, sanctions, China de-dollarization and rebutting the case against CBDCs

Fintech makes the world a better place, Emerging market payments leapfrog the West, US Chip bans won't work, Crypto and banks must partner on KYC

US-China Chip War: Bans and Containment Won't Work

Embedded Finance Living Hell for Bankers, The Economist in Denial of Bank Fragmentation, India's CBDC has 3 Surprises

CBDCs in the news: APAC leading, Cross-border transfers coming soon, decrease US financial exclusion by 93%

Three big CBDC stories: Digital euro delivers on privacy , Hong Kong goes full speed ahead with e-HKD, and Australia's new pilot reaches out to innovators

SPECIAL CBDC EDITION! White House and Treasury Reports on the Digital Dollar, CBDCs and Financial Inclusion and Why no Western SuperApps?

💥 US closer to a digital dollar!💥 CBDCs by region with special coverage of Jamaica's JAM-DEX, Digital trust matters

Stable Diffusion AI meets fintech in an AI generated art extravaganza!

Payments in Africa, FinServ's tectonic shift, Banks on the Metaverse, Fintech still strong,

US is behind the curve with blockchain and data, The IMF's Money Revolution, Fintech in Africa, 2022 Tech Trends

Web3 spinning straw (NFTs) into gold, APAC's emerging giants, Credit cards lose ground to digital wallets

Credit cards losing ground to digital wallets

Visa goes “all-in” for DeFi in Asia, as the UN says crypto will not help developing nations

Metaverse and crypto crime has anyone thought this through? CBDCs the holy grail for cross border transfers while crypto never ceases to amaze

IMF Economic outlook "gloomy," Alibaba lists in Hong Kong, CBDCs selling fear, China's real-estate crisis, Ant Group without Jack.

Fear sells! CBDCs and the end of freedom!

Fintech flies to close too the sun, ECB and the WEF come after crypto systemic risks, digital yuan changing China

CBDCs are green, will not sing Kumbaya on cross border transfers and have users in two worlds, while stablecoin's new "same risk same regs" strikes a mortal blow

Bali Ha'i with G20 announcement of ASEAN regional QR Code payments that won't use US dollars

Finance's problem with Big Tech, Erosion of Dollar Dominance, The Fed talks Crypto, SE Asia says no to cards

UBS: Erosion of dollar dominance

Yuan Rising? Where there's smoke there's fire with BRICS new payment system and the PBOC's new Yuan Pool.

China's Yuan Rising?

CBDC, not crypto, is the monetary system of the future, CBDC cross-border transfer, the Fed warms to a digital dollar, Visa talks CBDC

Crypto corruption calls for a fix, miners corrupt the "sacred" blockchain, DeFi brings no democratization.

Crypto’s scaling problem, Must-see CBDC trackers, CBDCs use one ten-millionth the electric of Bitcoin, AntGroup’s “ANEXT” digital bank, Terra $2.7bn laundered, justice from the state?

Digital Yuan ends Helicopter Money, CBDC Helps the Little Guy, DeFi meets TradFi, Going Cashless and CBDC Programmability

DeFi Meets TradFi in Singapore

Shanghai lockdown first day out!, Digital Dollar the Good the Bad and the Ugly, DeFi and TradFi will work together, SE Asia digital payment and Digital Yuan App Ban!

Digital Dollar Comments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Terra Burns $3bn, China's Slowdown, Crypto's Shadow Finance System, The China-US Tech War is Lose-Lose

Special Edition: Crypto, Terra and Defi

DeFi gets slammed as hacks and greed are the norm, Terra founder say’s sorry, and DeFi is not an “experiment”

40 CBDCs within 6 years, digital euro privacy, Beijing's dollar dilemma, Alipay+, and the end of dollar hegemony

The CBDC Revolution Arrives, 40 CBDCs in the next six years?

Credit Cards and Stockholm Syndrome; Musk and McCarthyism's Return, " Pay"; and Hong Kong's e-HKD!

Digital Innovation US vs China: US Big Tech on the Ropes

The Digital Yuan doesn’t have surveillance “superpowers”, Innovation in China, Shanghai Exodus, and “Nein” for the Digital Euro

STOP THE HYSTERIA: China’s CBDC does not have surveillance “superpowers”

CBDCs in emerging markets bring financial inclusion, Cash should NEVER go away, DeFi and CBDC?


Special Report: The Digital Dollar Born with Biden Executive Order

The Olympics and the Digital Yuan in Review

"Privacy by design"understanding Project Hamilton and the digital dollar by "following the AML"

The Fed's Digital Dollar Report Compared with the Digital Yuan

What to Watch in 2022


CNBC Interview on the Digital Yuan and De-Dollarization