Sitemap - 2024 - Cashless: Central Bank Digital Currency and China in Perspective

Wholesale CBDC the CBDC We Can ALL Love!

Digital Euro Update: Offline Functionality Explained, Yes to Multiple Accounts and Still Waiting for Holding Limits

Stablecoins are neither fish nor fowl! Tokenization in Asia, the human toll of GenAI, and why Africa needs the India Stack!

Cutting Costs With AI: At What Cost to Humans?

Diverse Regulations Mean All Stablecoins Are Not Created Equal

Financial Inclusion in Africa and the Mid East Won't Come From Mastercard but India's UPI!

Asset Tokenization: Asia Will Crack this Trillion Dollar Market First

Mesmerizing: What if AI can't be fixed? Hong Kong vs. Singapore deathmatch, Gold's buying spree, and EU Banks have delusions of superapp grandeur!

Driving Innovation With GenAI: Why Think When the AI Can Do It For You?

The Hong Kong and Singapore Rivalry Heats Up!

DREAM ON: EU Banks Dream of Digital Ecosytems and Superapps

Gold: Central Banks go on a Buying Spree and HSBC Tokenizes it for Retail Investors

Where is our lighthouse to guide us to a CBDC and AI future?


To Scale AI in Banking Centralize Resources


Fintech at the Speed of Asia

Global Payment Report 2024: The Era of Consumer Choice

Mobile payments are changing our world and are a geopolitical tool, while banks aren't fast-tracking their AI future!

Banks Fear Fast-Tracking AI; 52% are Falling Behind

Hong Kong's Monetary Future: CBDC, Stablecoins and Tokenized Deposits

Mobile Money Hits $1.4tn in Transaction Value And Boosts GDP By 1.5%

Banks Fail at Personalization: Mastercard to the Rescue, not GenAI!

How To Use the Digital Yuan, Not Just For Tourists!

Take the plunge! CBDCs in Asia, TikTok, Killer AI's, AI Trust, Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Risk in the News

The TikTok Ban: The Birth of the America's Great Firewall

Recipe for Disaster: FinServ Underspends on Cybersecurity as Emerging Tech Risks Multiply

TERMINATOR: How to Avert AI's Extinction-Level Threat

GenAI Trust: Failing Across All Trust Domains

BlackRock Geopolitical Risk Dashboard: "Geopolitics is a "Persistant Market Risk"

GenAI is Transformative, but "Who Will Pay?" Fast Payment Sytems Rock our World while Digital Wallets have profitability problems.

No GenAI Economic Boost without Serious Digital Investment but Who Pays?

Digital Wallets: A Tough Way to Make Money

Fast Payments are ROCKING the World: Four Key Features Turn Users Into Fans!🤟

GenAI RegTech Will Transform Bank Risk and Compliance

Time for GenAI to face the music! Will banks pay for GenAI's mistakes? Google Genesis AI's bias problem. India's Tech Stack is going global. 💥IMF says fintech use brings a 2.2% rise in GDP!💥

Trouble With LLMs as Google's CEO admits "we got it wrong," with Genesis

IMF: Fintech is a GDP booster!

India's Digital Public Infrastructure is a Blueprint for Global Success

Defining our Future Beyond Technology

Reality Check: GenAI in Banking, Will Banks Own the Errors?

Digital Banking’s 2X Impact on Revenue! Digital Euro Won't Break the Banks; The World is Going Cashless; SE Asia's Platform Economy Success Story!

Profit Surge: Digital Banking’s 2X Impact on Revenue!


Southeast Asia's Platform Economy Boosts Growth

The Data Proves The World Is Going Cashless

PayTM shows how not to balance risk and growth, CBDCs won't break the banks, Apple Vision Pro shows the metaverse is alive and well.

Payment Risks Drive Growth, Tell That to PayTM!

BUSTED: Bank of Canada shows CBDC will not kill banks

The Metaverse Beyond the Hype: Three Ways It Will Change Our World

The Year of the Dragon: tough on CBDC and embedded finance, but a golden age for fintech with Asia in the lead!

"A golden age of fintech with Asia expected to lead by revenues in 2030."

Embedded finance may be the future, but it is a long time coming.

MYTH BUSTING: No the Digital Euro Won't Reduce The EU's GDP

Did you hear the earthquake? 🫨 Been shopping recently? 🛒 Banks and GenAI: A double-edged sword, 🗡️18 Fintech sectors to follow in 2024


80% of Banks are Looking to AI to Increase Productivity and Profit, But There's No Free Lunch!

18 Fintech Sectors to Follow in 2024 as the "Journey Continues"

The Retail Revolution Won't Happen WithoutFast and Free Instant Payments not Cards with High Fees

Fintech's future is in Asia🌏 Banks need to follow the money💵 Digital pound privacy in the spotlight £ Tether stablecoin has blood on its hands.🩸

Bank of England Digital Pound Privacy Solutions Will Not Assuage Anti-CBDC Zealots

Banks must "follow the money" and partner with digital platforms and superapps, not telecoms


The Future of Fintech: Asia and Payments Rule!

Change is coming faster than most think: AI to impact 40% of jobs worldwide, Banks struggle to get a digital edge, top trends in payments.

Retail Banking Top Trends 2024: Digital is King

Payments Top Trends for 2024: Real-time Rules

Bank Digitization is too Little too Late as they Fall Behind and Miss Out on $7 tn in value

Inequality: A real problem that shouldn't require resorting to Karl Marx to solve.

IMF: 60% of Jobs in Advanced Economies Impacted by AI!

GenAI isn't as smart as you think, we review the 4 top banking trends in 2024, and macro trends matter because fintech doesn't live in a vacuum.

Global Risks: Fintech Doesn't Live in a Vacuum

Global Cooperation is Stalling: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Four Macro Major Banking Trends for 2024

ChatGPT and LLM's Aren't as Smart as You Think

Twelve FinTech Myths Debunked for 2024